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5 Hippie Costumes – Ways to Make Peace and Love Reign

To find hippies costumes can be a daunting task, but the fact is that they look incredibly cool when you are dressed in them. As a matter of fact, the simple ideas are always the best choices. Of course, wearing hippie costume the next party you will attend is very relevant to allow you to show how much love and peace are within you.

This particular appearance was made popular in the late 60s and all through the 70s. This fashion has become very popular and even worn casually by people these days.

Discussed below are hippie costume ideas you can choose to wear to your next party.

    1. Foreign Styles and Earthy Hues

The hippies love for nature and their constant need to be one with it is one of the reasons hippie costumes were simple. Despite the fact that nobody can actually explain this fashion boom, traditional styles from other countries such as caftans and kimonos became big. Some of the costumes for sale have brilliant, neon colors. Nevertheless, you may want to choose earthy hues if you want to be realistic.

    1. Peasant Top or Dress

Peasant shirts and dresses are plain colored cotton blouses. They are radiant, blustery and easy to clean. These fashion trends have become well-loved statements nowadays.

    1. Flowing Skirts and Micro Minis

If hippies of those days were not wearing a dress, you will see them dressed in tops with floral skirts which is actually short, or touching the ankles. It was in the 1970s that different skirt lengths such as maxi, midi and mini became very prominent.

    1. Peace Sign Pendant

Rings, earrings and eyeglasses were all popular in the 1970s and are definitely an essential part of hippie costume. Moreover, you should have a garland of flowers or a band around your neck or head. There are more than a few accessories online. Just look for those that would go together with the costume you have ordered.

    1. Bell-bottom Pants and Trouser Suits

In this new fashion dispensation, women are breaking away from convention, therefore the pants. More and more women were wearing a pair of trousers generally because of comfort, even though the fashion began in the 60’s. Bear in mind the fact that hippies spent long periods outdoors and these were much loved. In this particular decade, bell bottoms were large. As a result, you will discover this renowned pair of pants in nearly all the online ensembles.

Final Words

You have to play your part, apart from all the requirements that will make your hippie appear authentic. Check on any of the simple hippies costume ideas above and make your hippie costumes shine with peace and love.