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Best Fabrics You Can Look to When Getting Your Kids Clothes

When getting kids’ clothes, you have to consider several factors for the fabric or cloth to suit your child.

These factors might range from the age of your child, the weather, occasions involved, maintenance, or even the season’s trend.

The older a child grows the more robust their skin gets, this means that you need to be keen on the type of fabric the clothes you buy for your child has.

On that, tough fabric on the skin is a durable fabric but softer fabric on the skin is a delicate fabric.

The type of fabric that make up clothes people get their children might also depend on the economic background of the caregiver.

If there is more money to spend on clothing then one can consider trends and fashion which are costly while considering their durability and comfort.

Depending on the weather, the heaviness and warmth of the fabric you need to be on the look for will vary. This means where you live and the type of weather you experience is a factor.

The different occasions may include a play date with friends, vacation or trip, sleepovers, or outdoor activities. All these will determine what cloth with which fabric you ought to be keen on.

Maintenance is basically how long the fabric will last. This includes washing and ironing of the clothes. If the cloth is worn regularly, then it might get easily ruined.

The current trend is a social factor that is sometimes considered. It is dependent on the style and culture of different communities.

Another factor that may cause an impact is the availability of the fabric. Not all stores you visit will have clothes made from your desired fabrics.

However, you can make orders for specific fabrics or rather clothes made from your desired fabric online if you are in the UK at PatPat.

Check out that online store and see the array of different children’s clothing with different fabrics available.

If you are not satisfied, you can learn more about online buying from reading consumer feedback and determine what online store has the best clothes for your children.

Despite all these constraints, let us take a look at some of the best fabrics you should be on the watch for when buying your children’s clothes.

Lawn cotton

This is a lightweight 100% cotton fabric that is super soft on the skin.

Works efficiently with small children who have delicate skin and need a regular change of clothes. The lightweight fabric is easy to clean and dry.

Handkerchief linen

This is a lovely, soft lightweight linen. The fabric has a slight texture on its surface. As it is linen.

It has the elegance of linen but with a soft feel (a cotton and linen blend will lack the wrinkling nature of linen).

This fabric is perfect for making christening gowns. As it is lightweight and easily cleaned and dried.


This is a cotton fabric available from very thin to coarse textures.

The thin muslin is great for making baby clothes as it is a more breathable fabric since it is 100% cotton.

This fabric is very suitable for lining and for making petticoats to wear under dresses.

There is gauze, cotton muslin fabric with a slightly wrinkled look. It is an open weave, airy and very breathable.

Muslin is usually used for making cloth diaper covers, swaddling clothes, and even burp cloths, rather than clothes as it is not very glamorous looking.


This is a cotton weave fabric that is very soft but not transparent nor lightweight.

This fabric is very durable compared to other cotton fabric and at the same time very comfortable to wear as it is super soft.

Swiss batiste fabric is a favorite fabric for making baby dresses and nightgowns as well as playing clothes due to its quality.

Eyelet cotton fabric

They are great for kids’ dresses and nightgowns. They can be used to make the garment themselves or as trims.

It’s an article of cultural clothing, with great popularity, and is majorly knitted, as English wear.


When it comes to warmth and making choices for cold weather places, this is the best suit.

These clothes have good insulation, highly breathable, hydrophobic, and are quick in drying.

Fleece is used to making jackets, hats, sweaters, sweatpants, diapers, gym clothes, hoodies, and even blankets.

Waterproof fabrics

This fabric is superb for small children who are not yet potty trained.

Recommended age ranges from 18 to 19 months. This is because the fabric is capable of holding any moisture from escaping hence preventing you from having a mess after your child has had a number one or two.


There are many factors you need to consider before getting your clothing that has the best fabric.

Be sure to be on the look for some of these fabrics we have discussed. Read through people’s comments and determine what fabrics are sold and at what price.