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Fashion Nova’s viral ‘illusion dress’ takes over TikTok for flattering fit

Women are getting waisted all over social media.

A midriff-cinching “illusion dress” has been dropping jaws on TikTok thanks to its magic fabric and a flattering print that tricks the eye.

“My waist looks completely snatched,” New York TikToker and new mother Nana Castro told The Post, describing the stomach-slimming feature of Fashion Nova’s “Mind of My Own” maxi dress. 

“When I put [the dress] on and saw the way it accentuated my curves, I felt like the old me,” added the 31-year-old Westchester native. “I didn’t see ‘mom bod,’ I saw the sexy shape that I had before I had my son.”

Castro — a fashion influencer who identifies as “midsize,” which is a term used to describe people that fit clothes ranging from sizes 8 to 12 — went TikTok viral after modeling the tummy-trimming outfit Friday.

Sewn into each side of the floor-length frock’s bodice are two straps that, when tied together, create a front-facing belt across her waist.

And once tied tightly, inches disappear from her midsection, creating the optical illusion of an hourglass figure.

The brown, black and white vertical-lined dress, priced at $23.99 (formerly $39.99), is now sold out in every size (zero to 3x) on Fashion Nova’s website.

It first caught TikTok’s attention early last week when online fashionista @Xojemian, also known as Jem, shook cyberspace by demonstrating the effects of the waist-erasing ensemble in a trending try-on testimonial.

TikTok fashion influencer Jem made the dress popular by virtually erasing her waist in a viral video.

“Looks like my organs were tied together,” joked Jem, in the comments section of her video, which has racked up over 2.7 million views.

In an eye-popping post — titled “Trying on the viral waist illusion dress,” and punctuated by the stunned emoji — the petite brunette poses in the dress, ties the straps together and effectively shaves inches off of her already slim midsection.

Her 3.8k TikTok followers couldn’t believe what they were seeing. 

“I am not high or drunk and my brain can’t comprehend,” one awe-struck commentator wrote, adding the mind-blown emoji for effect. “Girl it looked like you almost cut yourself in half for a second,” said another flabbergasted fan.

Others saturated her comments section with digital demands that Fashion Nova immediately restock the waist-be-gone gown.

Fashion Nova did not immediately respond to The Post’s request for comment.

The "Mind of My Own" maxi dress is currently sold out on the Fashion Nova website.
The “Mind of My Own” maxidress is currently sold out on the Fashion Nova website.
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