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Houston Jewelry store broken into, owner says thief actually got “nothing”

One Houston thief might be in for a surprise himself when he realized the value of the jewelry he stole from a local jewelry store.

Houston police received a call on Wednesday around 11:40 p.m., in the 9500 block of Westheimer Road about a robbery at Houston Jewelry west of the Galleria. The owner Rex Solomon said he received a call from the alarm company that the glass break protector went off.

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According to officers on the scene, there was broken glass at the door and window of the store.

Solomon said the person broke in with a sledgehammer and used it to smash the jewelry cases. “This was planned. He knew what tools to use,” Solomon said.

The thief can be seen on surveillance video using a bucket from the store to fill it up with items from the showcases. He was apparently out in about two minutes.

He took silver jewelry and plated watches which Solomon says amounts to nothing. He left behind the tools he used which are said to cost more than the melted-down silver and plated watches.

“The damage to the showcases and the missing displays are more than the value of the merchandise,” Solomon said.

The robber was said to cut himself up on the broken glass as there was blood left behind. “I think the look on his face if he didn’t wind up in the ER from the amount of blood that he lost when he found out he got nothing is well worth it. Everything goes in the bank vault we have, and it takes a lot longer than 2 minutes to get into,” Solomon says.

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The owner is certain the robber had been to the store before as he also knew what cases to go to as soon as he was inside.

The store has a few months of videos with the faces of everybody who has been in and out of the store. Solomon says the videos are being repeated right now to find the person behind the robbery.