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I’m a Fashion Editor and Think These 22 Under-$70 Buys Have Sell Out Potential

Consider it a byproduct of being a fashion editor, but over the years I’ve developed a pretty good sense of whether something will sell out. If you’re not hip to figuring it out yet, there are a few ways I can usually tell: sometimes the brand is so incredibly in demand everything sells like hotcakes or instances where the pieces are so good for the price, everyone can’t stop talking about it. The next crop of finds I predict won’t be on the shelf for long belong to none other than our in-house collection from Target.

I’ve been able to try on a number of pieces from the latest fall drop, and trust me, there’s serious sell-out potential. For one, the knits are sumptuous and most of all warm—to the point I never want to take them off, even while doing tasks around the house. The outerwear and faux leather pieces also look deceptively expensive that they’ve replaced a few of my designer versions as my everyday pieces. Basically, this drop has all the makings of a collection bound to sell out, so I thought I’d share the secret before it’s gone. Oh, and everything below is also under $70. Keep scrolling to get a head start before everyone else.

Who What Wear Turtleneck Pullover Sweater ($35)

A good sweater doesn’t stay in stock for long, and this one is no exception.

Who What Wear Turtleneck Pullover Sweater ($35)

Warm brown tones are always in high demand this time of year.

Who What Wear Pea Coat ($70)

I have this coat and it’s unbelievably good.

Who What Wear Midi Pencil Skirt ($33)

Style this with tall leather boots and you have an instantly sophisticated look.

Who What Wear Faux Leather Paper Bag Pants ($37)

Yes it’s true, leather makes everything look expensive.

Who What Wear Faux Leather Paper Bag Pants ($37)

Black leather pants like these are so hard to find in stock, and for good reason—it’s a cold weather wardrobe staple.

Who What Wear Colorblock Overcoat ($70)

If you’re in the market for a great statement coat—look no further.

Who What Wear Colorblock V-Neck Pullover Sweater ($33)

Style tip: wear this with split leggings and sandals for a look fit for a day at the pumpkin patch.

Who What Wear Sweatshirt ($30)

This isn’t your typical sweatshirt, and for that reason alone I see a lot of people snatching this up.

Who What Wear Long Sleeve High Slit Knit Dress ($35)

A basic piece like this— so many styling possibilities, so little time.

Who What Wear Collared Pullover Sweater ($35)

I’ve seen so many sweaters like this for triple the price.

Who What Wear Puffer Jacket ($70)

A floral puffer coat with a matching dress? Say no more.

Who What Wear Balloon Long Sleeve Dress ($37)

Wear it with the coordinating jacket or along with chunky combat boots and sleek leather blazer.

Who What Wear Balloon Long Sleeve Dress ($37)

I live for dark, moody florals in the fall, and my attention is already fully directed on this dress.

Who What Wear Collared Pullover Sweater ($33)

So chic.

Who What Wear Collared Pullover Sweater ($33)

This sweater is already sold out of so many sizes.

Who What Wear Cardigan ($35)

Since cardigans are trending hard right now, I imagine everyone will be all over this.

Who What Wear Short Sleeve Shirtdress ($40)

This dress has been a hit among editors here at Who What Wear.

Who What Wear Puff Sleeve Sweatshirt ($25)

Get this while you can.

Who What Wear Long Sleeve Sweater Dress ($40)

I predict this will be gone quickly—just look at the amazing one shoulder detail.

Who What Wear Puff Long Sleeve A-Line Dress ($40)

I’m so into this.

Who What Wear Sweatshirt ($33)

I’m always down for a creative sweatshirt.

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