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Is Buying Expensive Clothing Pieces and Accessories worth it?

Clothing in this century has gone from being just cover for the body but has changed into great fashion statements, as people perceive your style and elegance from the type of clothing you’re putting on. With the spate of economic challenges purchasing expensive clothing & accessories for the middle class would sound counter-productive, as one could just imply “its just clothing”, why spend so much money for just a piece of clothing? Why not invest the money in something more of an investment? It is not wrong to invest whatever money earned in a profitable venture that would bring turnover regularly. It is also irrational to berate people who have decided to spend money on expensive accessories. There are lots of online clothing stores like Surfanic where one can get quality and expensive clothing, that assert to specialise in retailing a wide range of outdoor wear and a vast catalogue of accessories for men, women, boys, and girls.

Reason you should spend more money on clothing

Sounds absurd right? But you might think spending $300 on a pair of jeans sounds outlandish, especially if you’re known to be thrifty. The clothing culture of the 21st century encourages purchasing extremes when it comes to clothing and fashion accessories, people either spend money on really cheap clothes or they spend money on expensive clothing. Some folks actually think clothing should be really cheap so it’s not on top of their priority scale. However, if you dress well, you can’t deny the fact that good clothes do not come extremely cheap, except you’re purchasing them from black Friday deals. There are a number of reasons one should consider spending a considerable amount of money on clothing and accessories:

Expensive clothes last longer

It is not oblivious that the costlier the item, the better they are and the longer their shelf life. You should take a careful look at the number of times you’ve purchased cheap clothes; how long did they last before they become worn out? Sure they didn’t last up to a year! Quality fabrics and accessories are always expensive because they are made inherently better. Good clothing has more stitches per inch to help the piece hold better over the years. Clothes that have a high price tag on them are designed to last. There are tons of stores like Shoe Embassy out there that specialise in distributing and retailing different types of shoes for men and women.

Fine combination to mix and match

If you spend money on quality accessories, there’s no doubt you would be able to start mixing and matching to create existing quality or new looks for your wardrobe. People try to justify buying cheap clothes, as one of the reasons they hold in esteem ‘is you would have different clothes to wear and you would never run out of options’. But how true is this? If you invest in quality clothing pieces and accessories, you wouldn’t have to worry about your clothes going out of style.

You will enjoy value from them

There is a type of esteem you derive from wearing quality and expensive items. It helps you rub off your aura everywhere you enter as it attracts the attention of others. This is very valuable as people perceive you with class and as someone that can be trusted. There is a popular saying which is ‘the way you dress is the way you would be addressed.’ When going for elite dinner or cocktail parties, you can’t afford to wear those cheap clothes you purchased for 20 bucks as they would present your frame and personality in the right perception.

Less likely to impulse buy

One of the reasons people buy at the spur and impulsively is the clothing deal is really cheap so they feel they can purchase them, but when an article of clothing or accessory is worth $500, you would have to think clearly and concisely before making a choice of purchasing them. This would immensely save you from buying cheap clothes that would be worn out easily and you wouldn’t likely use.

The reason cheap clothing is best for you

With some of the reason to purchase expensive clothing highlighted. There are also some positives from buying less expensive clothing and accessories.

Breeds lack of contentment

Against what is believed that when you’ve bought expensive clothing you tend to be satisfied with what you have. Human nature completely negates that. Economics asserts that the needs of man are insatiable and would never be completely satisfied. So, buying an expensive cloth is only a recipe to keep looking out for a new one to keep in vogue.

Expensive clothing are fads

Fads come and go, so are expensive clothes. And these clothes don’t even last their hype in the market, as new designs keep churning out a new type of design and the old design almost always becomes obsolete, so expensive clothes breeds avarice for the new type of design that has been released, thereby putting pressure on people to purchase.

Whatever choice of cloth and accessories you decide to purchase after now with the following consideration discussed, you should be able to use them to draw an inference to get value for money spent.