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Mytheresa Launched a New Home Section That’s Interiors Heaven

Tiffany Hsu, fashion buying director at Mytheresa, prefers minimal interiors. She won’t put just any line drawing or marble end table in her home. The best spaces, she tells, are the sum of how they’re furnished. “Just because it’s minimal, it doesn’t mean it can go into my personal space,” she says. “With home, it’s about the environment.”

Hsu is taking her exacting eye for decor to a larger, shoppable stage—and one that can suit more than minimalists. Mytheresa today introduced “Life,” a luxury destination for everything but apparel (mainly, home decor and furnishings) on the e-tailer’s site.

a table in a home with plates and centerpieces to illustrate news that mytheresa launches home and life section 2022


Some pieces in the 60-brand launch reflect the natural, airy aesthetic Hsu has in her own home. Others, like homewares from Dolce & Gabbana or Versace, lean into the opulent maximalism that’s simultaneously trending right now. Hsu tells us the section’s duality mirrors her approach to curating the fashion side of Mytheresa—the topical pieces and “talking points” sit next to recognizable luxury names, creating a haven with something for every decor vibe.

The launch edit emphasizes decorative flourishes, with products ranging from colorful Missoni throw pillows to Assouline books for a well-appointed coffee table. Ceramics and tablewares are also in ample supply: 101 Copenhagen vases here, La Double J plates there. But there’s more to the “Life” edit than staying at home. A travel section includes Gucci steamer luggage and Bottega Veneta pouches; for pet parents, there’s a number of Moncler dog jackets and leashes to browse.

a set of white wavy chairs from mytheresa in a roundup of mytheresa launches home and life section 2022


a statue wears a blanket in a roundup of mytheresa launches home and life section 2022


When of-the-moment interiors appear in the lineup, Hsu says, they still have a timeless quality. “A lot of trend driven items are also old classics—some things are mid-century, some are from the ’70s. Say the zig-zag chair: It’s a very classic item but it could also be translated into a modern space with a different aesthetic.”

She continues, “It does feel like fashion. You have certain handbags that have always been around [for decades] but at the same time it’s very trend-driven. Like the Kelly and the Birkin are having a moment, but they’re also classic.”

a white marble lamp and a floral vase to illustrate news that mytheresa launches home and life section 2022


Looking ahead, Hsu envisions Mytheresa Life as a space for everything from made-to-order furniture to vintage pieces. It’s going to be an all-encompassing interiors experience. Or, as Hsu says more succinctly, “We’re not just thinking about decorative tabletops.”

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