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Shop Baroque Pearl Jewelry That Will Elevate Any Outfit

The famous Vermeer painting “Girl With A Pearl Earring” is more about the girl than the earring. But, zoom in on the dainty droplet, and you’ll see that it isn’t just a simple white orb. In fact, it’s a Baroque pearl. Lumpy, imperfect, and non-spherical, there’s a natural, unfussy feel to these precious gems.

Since summer is the season to get playful with your jewelry, consider adding a chunky pearl piece into your lineup. A necklace has the power to instantly dress up your favorite white tee and denim cutoffs. Or, a chunky ring can be the finishing touch of a wedding guest look. Ahead, shop the best options across every main jewelry category to inspire your shopping. Heads up: baroque pearls have been featured in many a royal crown, so know that wearing them, you’re in some seriously fancy company.


When it comes to earrings, look for styles fitted with elegant droplets. They range from dramatic to small and simple, so you can break them out for occasions that run the gamut. If you’re feeling particularly creative, try pairing them with other colorful gemstone pieces.

Éliou Matisse gold-plated pearl single earring

Stone & Strand Perfectly Imperfect baroque pearl earrings

Wolf Circus Layla pearl earrings

Sophie Bille Brahe Venus Blac 14-karat gold earrings with pearls

Emili Jeanne white gold and sterling silver freshwater baroque pearl earrings

Tory Burch Kira baroque pearl drop earrings


If you want a simple way into the trend, try a pendant necklace with a single pearl on a gold chain. It’s elegant but is still fairly simple. Opt for something a bit more dramatic if you’re on the hunt for a dressy option.

Mateo diamond, baroque pearl, 14-karat gold necklace

Kinn Studio baroque pearl drop necklace

White/Space double baroque pearl necklace

Charms Company Les Bonbons gold, pearl, and bead necklace

Jil Sander white grainy pearl necklace

Martha Calvo Roll With It gold-plated pearl necklace


Bracelets are often an overlooked jewelry category, but a simple band around the wrist always looks sophisticated. Try an especially chunky iteration if you want to layer it up with bangles and other bracelets.

Kinn Studio Kiwa pearl bracelet

Mejuri bold pearl double wrap bracelet

Deux Lions Ula 14-karat yellow gold Tiger’s Eye, pearl bracelet

Timeless Pearly pearl and gold-plated charm bracelet

Faris gold Keshi bracelet

AGMES silver baroque pearl bracelet


Last but not least, consider taking your ring stack up a notch with a playful pearl option. Don’t be afraid to opt for something chunky, though thin bands with a single small pearl can also be a great option, especially if you want to layer them up with your everyday rings.

Melissa Joy Manning recycled 14-karat gold pearl ring

Wwake irregular pearl ring

Claire English Tortuga pearl ring

Prounis single rattle keshi pearl ring

Fry Powers green grass pearl, enamel, and sterling-silver ring

La Piscine baroque pearl ring