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The Best Silver Earrings for Gold Jewelry Lovers

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I got my first pair of gold hoops when I was 3 months old. A family tradition: Just like my mom and her mom, and all of the women before me, “la nena de casa” was to have two piercings. Some decades later — and some gold necklaces, gold bracelets, and several more pairs of gold earrings later — I’m still married to gold jewelry. That is, until recently. Yes, at the risk of having my Latina card — IYKYK — rescinded, I’ve been wearing silver earrings. A lot. And no, this is not because of that silver versus gold TikTok filter.

Maybe those viral Bottega Veneta Drop earrings are to blame, or just my algorithm showing me those damn earrings 24/7, but whatever the cause, I am now a silver advocate. Bonus: Trying on a totally different shiny metal has pushed me to experiment with my overall style and how I accessorize. So, if you are a fellow Latina who wants to give your gold hoops a break or if you simply want to expand your current silver-earrings repertoire, below are a few options I’ve been loving.

The Cut Shop’s jewelry collection is slowly being taken over by Jenny Bird, and we’re not mad about it. These are the ones I’m wearing above, and I love how light they are despite their statement shape.

I eased my way into silver jewelry when I purchased my first pair of Justine Clenquet earrings during the SSENSE sale.

Look, I too would like to have $1,350 for a pair of Bottega Veneta earrings, but I have rent to pay. These are second-best, especially if you’re just dipping your toes (or ears) into a new metal territory. It’s all about prioritizing your investments. And for me, a pair of $12 earrings that look a bit more posh than their actual pricing is what my wardrobe (and bank account) prefers.

I love the gold-plated ones I have from Missoma so much I got them in silver, too. They are very lightweight, and they are chunky but small enough to add the right amount of flare to an outfit.

I might not own these (yet), but I have been loving the resurgence of heart-shaped earrings.

Another pair I’m coveting. While the price isn’t as steep as the Bottega earrings, these are the priciest pair on this roundup. However, they are designed in collaboration with Brooklyn-based sculptor and designer Simone Bodmer-Turner, and are handmade in NYC, which makes the price worth it.

Mejuri always has good under-$100 options, whether in silver or in gold.

With its unique shape, these earrings from Haus of Jewelry can convert anybody into a silver enthusiast (or convince them they need a pair in each color since they are that good).

A gold-hoop silhouette favorite that looks just as good in silver. I love stacking up mine with my other silver hoops.

If you’re not ready to go all in with silver hoops, consider some silver studs instead. They’re dainty enough to pass unnoticed or to get a feel if you like how silver look on you.

As holiday-dressing season approaches, replace your bedazzled earrings for some silver chain ones instead. The silver adds that shimmer, and the chain adds the statement you want for your cocktail attire.

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