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Whimsical Zodiac Jewelry for Each and Every Astrological Sign

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There’s no denying the lure of zodiac jewelry. More than beautiful, astrological jewels are both personal and whimsical at once. Though all the baubles in your collection may hold special meaning, we often feel a divine connection to celestial-inspired styles as if they’re a genuine extension of our being. In fact, they are; whether you’re a clever Aquarius, audacious Leo, loyal Scorpio, or sensitive Cancer, pieces that represent the earth, water, fire, and air signs feel deeply individual and even comforting at times. These symbols and star alignments represent your innermost traits, but the enchantment goes far beyond trendiness.

Many zodiac jewelry designs depict ancient iconography—they feel timeless and possess a vintage appeal. Think lost wax casting on medallion pendants and signet rings, mythological Greek goddesses portrayed on necklaces, and celestial constellations rendered on charms and stud earrings. Then, of course, there are modern zodiac interpretations, too; diamond-dusted pendants on heavyweight chains, delicate bracelets with dangling talismans, minimal astrology earrings and letter necklaces, and linked rings for stylish stacking. Whether a token of self-love or gift to a cherished family member or friend, like birthstone jewelry, you can never lose with a zodiac piece. Keep scrolling to discover Vogue’s edit of the chicest celestial pieces for all twelve signs and seasons—and by season, we mean Scorpio, Libra, Taurus, and so forth.


In terms of zodiac symbols, the ambitious Aries is a ram, reading most powerful in signet ring and pendant form. For a modern interpretation, look to constellation earrings, a nameplate necklace, or a playful pendant.

Logan Hollowell Aries diamond constellation studs

Studio Grun Aries coin pendant necklace

Brent Neale diamond and aquamarine Aries mushroom necklace

Arms of Eve zodiac earrings

Melinda Maria zodiac script necklace


While Tauruses are known to be strong-headed, they’re dependable and diligent with grace. What better way to represent such characteristics than a diamond-dusted necklace, dainty ring, or vintage charm?

Jennifer Fisher Taurus charm

Astrid & Miyu zodiac Taurus pendant necklace

ILuveMe zodiac tarot bracelet

Ashley Zhang vintage Taurus diamond bracelet

Sarah & Sebastian Celestial Taurus gold and diamond bracelet

CaitlynMinimalist zodiac birthstone ring


Gemini’s intelligent, adaptable, and extroverted personality, represented by twins, is equally beautiful in the form of minimal stud earrings and a pendant as it is an embossed ring or diamond-accented charm.

Aurate zodiac stud earrings

Sylvia Toledano zodiac 22-karat gold-plated and moonstone Gemini pendant necklace

L’Atelier Nawbar 3-in-1 Gemini zodiac ring

Sequin Stellina pendant cuff bracelet

Roberto Coin Princess gold and diamond Gemini zodiac pendant


The sensitive, intuitive, and caring Cancer, symbolized by a crab, is known to be a ride-or-die partner and friend. A lost-wax cast ring, diamond necklace, cameo charm, or linked bracelet will be well-received, whether you’re treating yourself or a friend.

Stone and Strand zodiac gold necklace

Alighieri Cancer 24-karat gold-plated zodiac ring

Artida Oud Constellation Cancer cameo curving charm

Kay Jewellers diamond Cancer earrings

Rellery Cancer symbol bracelet

Syna Cosmic Cancer zodiac pendant


Leo’s are confident, driven, natural-born leaders—never one’s to cower away from the spotlight. The spirited fire sign, denoted by the lion, is most striking in a colorful signet ring, emblem necklace, or diamond studs.

Astra Leo diamond signet ring



Mini Mini Jewels diamond zodiac sign earrings

Jennifer Zeuner Mathis bracelet

Helen Ficalora large Leo zodiac charm

By Alona Leo 18-karat gold-plated necklace


Jewelry depicting a Virgo’s maiden zodiac symbol, like a signet ring or charm, is a beautiful way to showcase the star sign’s practical, kind, and humble nature. For a more minimal take, look to a stud earring or abstract pendant necklace.

Mateo Virgo large diamond & 14kt gold zodiac necklace

Bing Bang Tiny zodiac Virgo single stud earring

Jacquie Aiche zodiac Starburst diamond signet ring

Elsa Peretti zodiac pendant

Lagos Signature Caviar zodiac pendant necklace

Temple St. Clair 18-karat Virgo pendant


Friendly Libras, symbolized by scales, are synonymous with balance, harmony, and peace. What better trinkets to showcase such qualities than a diamond necklace, linked rings, or luxe charm?

Spinelli Kilcollin Libra set of three 18-karat gold, sterling silver and diamond rings

EF Collection diamond Libra necklace

JewelrySeason Libra zodiac sign earrings

Kate Spade New York Libra charm bracelet

Jade Trau Libra diamond & 18-karat gold zodiac charm

Nicole Rose Fine Jewelry diamond astrology sign pendant




Striking jewelry pieces like a gemstone-accented necklace, chunky signet ring, diamond bracelet, or dangle earrings are perfectly bold for the determined, loyal, and ambitious Scorpio.

Sterling Forever zodiac bracelet

Annie Sisteron 14kt yellow gold and diamond Scorpio medallion charm

Yvonne Léon Scorpio diamond & 9kt gold single earring

Foundrae Scorpio classic signet ring

Tess + Tricia Scorpio drop huggie earrings

Ounce of Salt diamond and 14-karat gold large zodiac sign necklace


Characterized by their humor, zeal, and spontaneous tendencies, Sagittarians are perhaps the most inclined to impulse purchase a zodiac archer necklace, constellation necklace, or diamond-encrusted medallion charm bracelet representing their fire sign.

Jemma Wynne Saggitarius pendant

Sydney Evan Sagittarius 14-karat gold diamond bracelet

Sofia Zakia Saggitarius Written In The Stars necklace

Luv My Jewelry Sagittarius Archer blue diamond and topaz signet ring

BrooklynTag Sagittarius constellation crystal earrings


To stylishly denote a Capricorn’s ambitious, disciplined, and dexterous traits, how about a talismanic pendant depicting the mythological sea-goat, Keishi pearl ring starring the zodiac symbol, made-to-layer letter necklace, or distinctive constellation earring?

David Webb reversible Capricorn pendant necklace

Frasier Sterling Star Crossed Lovers necklace

Ariel Gordon zodiac dog tag necklace

Milamore Capricorn earring


From constellation configurations to carved iconography and a tarot card-inspired design, zodiac jewelry always hits a high note for a self-reliant, clever, and optimistic Aquarius.

Brooke Gregson Aquarius 14-karat gold diamond necklace

Stone and Strand tiny zodiac stud

Briony Raymond New York mini Aquarius zodiac medallion



Sorellina Le Stelle 18-karat yellow gold multi-stone tarot card necklace


Pieces are known for graciousness and creativity, along with a heightened sense of sympathy and an emotionally sensitive streak. The zodiac symbol is sleek in stud, bracelet, and earring form, while fish depictions, which also represent the sign, boast a decided playfulness.

Anita Ko Pisces 18-karat yellow gold and diamond zodiac pendant

The Last Line gold zodiac ring

Zoë Chicco Itty Bitty 14-karat yellow gold zodiac single stud

Foundrae Zodiac 18-karat gold bracelet

Fox & Bond vintage Italian Pisces 18-karat gold and green enamel charm

Colette Pisces double-sided zodiac pendant