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Zoe Cassavetes and Ileana Makri Release a Good Jewellery Ode to Greek History

Cassavetes and Makri have been released by a mutual good friend in the course of the pandemic and quickly bonded about their shared appreciate of jewellery and Greek heritage. “Ileana is the coolest female I’ve ever achieved,” claims Cassavetes. The two worked on the selection exclusively in excess of Zoom, a meeting of the minds that Cassavetes states, “actually saved my mind during lockdown.”

Designer Ileana Makri carrying pieces from the 1821 Liberty Assortment. 

Photo: Courtesy of Ileana Makri

Makri, who has labored with talismans like the evil eye in the earlier, dug deep into Greek background to unearth victory symbols to use in the assortment. “I came across a collection of banners raised by various leaders of the Greek Revolution, and I imagined they have been absolutely gorgeous. They all experienced that further feeling of independence that led to naming this capsule assortment Liberty,” suggests Makri. “Each piece is an ode to independence which, for me, is the finest benefit in life. Without having it, there is no daily life.”

The “Jerusalem Cross” ring. 

Photo: Courtesy of Ileana Makri

The assortment is a heritage lesson wrapped in diamonds and gold. There is the Jesus Christ Victorious pendant, crafted out of 18k white gold and that includes blue sapphires in a cross shape. It symbolizes the flag raised by General Dimitrios Plapoutas all through the uprising of the metropolis of Tripolitsa in 1818. One more wonderful and actuality-packed piece is a ring based mostly on the Flag of Kastelorizo. Manufactured from 18k white gold and enamel, it consists of a coronary heart designed from rubies to symbolize love, and an anchor and cross manufactured of blue diamonds that signal hope and faith. The rings and pendants open up like a locket, identical to a poison ring—a type that holds anything beneath the bezel—a motif that Cassavetes and Makri selected to use in the course of the selection.

Cassavetes, who is fifty percent Greek on her father’s facet (her father was film director John Cassavetes), took the undertaking as an opportunity to dig further into her history. “Of class, remaining Greek, it is an homage to my roots,” she suggests. “It is exciting to me because as you get older, you’re like, ‘What is my history once again?’ Anyone instructed you [about it] when you ended up younger, then you reside your lifetime, and eventually, you are like, ‘Oh, I’d like to study additional about where I arrived from and study about these people.’ Also, it is an amazing civilization.”

Cassavetes putting on the War Ensign 1821 ring. 

Image: Courtesy of Zoe Cassavetes

Cassavetes models the pieces in a pretty contemporary way, throwing a pendant necklace around a white T-shirt or wearing a ring with a classic white button-down. And though her enjoy of all factors Greek is from her father, her obsession with jewelry hails from her mother, the actor Gena Rowlands. “I arrive from an outdated school mom and grandmother who donned a ton of jewelry all the time. It appeared seriously normal and pretty potent and chic,” claims Cassavetes. “Life is way too limited, so permit me just put on all my jewellery and just wear it!”

The “Jesus Christ Victorious” necklace. 

Photograph: Courtesy of Ileana Makri