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A person of the most prestigious and well known style layout awards was granted to the designer, “Leila Doroodchi” for “Lili Dchi Style House”

A person of the most prestigious and well known style layout awards was granted to the designer, “Leila Doroodchi” for “Lili Dchi Style House”

This Iranian woman creates “winter” and then warms it. It is constantly wintertime when you enter the magical land of Leila Doroodchi’s colorful handicrafts. The wintertime which is warm with the profound emotions and creative talent of this young Iranian woman.

Familiarity with Leila’s artwork and her structure is an amazing and unique perception that each individual influential art journalist would like to experience. The entire world of color and aesthetic perception mirrored in her hand-woven clothes is extremely outstanding. 

Her special types immerse you in glory and delight. Winter is the dominant factor of these distinct handcraft solutions and all superb motifs and designs are the sign of the outcome of her exact hardworking jobs attained thorough using very long hours. Her model identify is LILI DCHI and she has won many prestigious worldwide awards in recent decades. When I look at Leila’s collections, I think of a poem by Bob Dylan, that starts with:

“If you’re traveling’ in the north nation fair”

Significantly it suggests:

If you go when the snowflakes falls

When the rivers freeze and summer months finishes

Remember to see for me if she’s putting on a coat so warm

To continue to keep her from the howlin’ winds

Leila warms the northern lands for you with heat and cheerful clothing. Due to LILI DCHI’s aesthetic proposals, she was nominated and entitled to acquire the prestigious A Layout Award. Leila won this award for the “Oak” task in Milan which is in fact a purposeful campaign to raise awareness in the industry of surroundings and sustainable style. This task started out and performed in April 2020 in Tehran and was last but not least accomplished effectively in September 2021 and it was unveiled and exhibited in November 2021. Her other knit have on collection has by now won the prestigious IDA Dsign Award. In accordance to Leila’s studies and researches, the cost-free imaginations and fictional visions of Qashqai gals specifically their “rainbow handicrafts” motivated her which were being the primary matter of her investigation as she designed a lot of initiatives to learn the aesthetic id of the gals in this noble tribe.

Leila has done her education and learning in the industry of Visible Conversation in college. The historical record and civilization of Iran is regarded as as a notable and important resource of inspiration for Leila in buy to layout, create and produce her tasteful artworks.

Truly, she is frequently investigating and researching. To generate a task, it takes about 12 to 18 months, and she is regarded as the primary individual who crystallizes herself and her goals into these good weaves, as she is entirely knowledgeable of the high good quality of elements, will work and products.

Now “LILI DCHI” brand name makes an attempt to unravel its hidden strategies as a result of displaying and presenting the mythical beauties dormant in the background of the persons all over the planet.

Leila, who was born in the stunning metropolis of Shiraz in 1986, states: “I weave history whilst creating.” which represents a profound intention and mission for “LILI DCHI”  brand with limitless art, knowledge and creativeness from a social, human and own viewpoint.